Labyrinth sheet metal / sealing strips

Labyrinths are used for non-contact shaft seals at shaft entry points on modern steam turbines.

  • For different types of machines

  • All shapes (U, J, L) and diameters

  • Including caulking wire

  • Brass and aluminum cartridge material

Valve cages

  • Manufacturing of valve cages in various designs and materials (1.4923, 1.7709, 1.7380, 1.7335,...)

  • Valve seats and guides welded on with Stellite 6 or plasma-nitrided, depending on requirements

  • Valve seats and diffusers

Steam strainers

Steam strainers are flowed through and are used to clean the steam that is used to drive turbines.

We offer steam strainers in various designs, such as turned from solid material, lamella strainers, bent and welded,...

Control units

The control unit is an important component for the safe operation of a steam turbine with a medium-controlled quick-acting valve.

We supply completely assembled control units or only individual components.

Labyrinth bushings

Stuffing boxes, shaft labyrinth bushings, comb bushings balancing pistons, intermediate labyrinth bushings

Valve spindles

  • Manufacturing of valve spindles in various designs and materials (1.4923, 1.7709, 1.7380, 1.7335,...)

  • Valve seats and guides welded on with Stellite 6, plasma-nitrided, HVOF-coated, depending on requirements

  • Valve cones, valve beams, single-seat valves, double-seat valves (shashlik valves), pre-stroke valves

Rotors, guide vane carriers, compressors, impellers, blading

Rotors, guide vane carriers, compressors, impellers, blading

Fast-closing valves and
medium controlled Fast-closing valves

Maximum safety and protection against expensive damage and costly downtime are ensured by the use of quick-closing valves. Our company manufactures components for such valves from various materials for different manufacturers. This ensures the efficiency and reliability of the valves in technical operation.

Servo motors / control cylinders

Servo motors regulate the amount of steam in the steam turbine by controlling the control valves.

  • Actuators with force switch

  • Actuators with electro-hydraulic transducer (EHW), e.g. Voith valves, Schneider valves, Moog valves, Balluff displacement transducers

  • Actuators from various manufacturers (Siemens, Voith, Duplomatic, Bosch Rexroth, Parker)

Oil scrapers

Oil wipers in a wide variety of shapes and materials, such as aluminum, brass, steel, gray cast iron

Hydraulic components

  • Hydraulic speed governors - centrifugal governors, caliper governors

  • Pressure regulators - inlet pressure regulator, outlet pressure regulator, wheel chamber pressure regulator

  • Safety devices - lubricating oil shortage monitor, axial monitor, switching slide, quick closing mediator, axial nozzle, pressure reducing valve, solenoid valves, quick closing release device

  • Quick closing actuators

  • Diaphragms

Oil control valves

Oil control valves control the oil pressure in the oil system. They are virtually maintenance-free as they are completely integrated into the oil system. Only 4 types cover a wide flow range.

We offer:

  • Pre-pressure control valves
  • Overflow valves (upstream pressure control valves with test screw)
  • Pressure reducing valves
made of steel or stainless steel

Safety blocks

The safety block is one of the most important components of a steam turbine.
We manufacture safety blocks 2 out of 3 and also the old AEG-Kanis variant, often called sandwich block.

Small parts for assembly

The small parts you need for assemblies are in stock or produced by us.

  • Screws - stud bolts, expansion sleeves, cap nuts, tube nuts, castle nuts,...

  • Springs - spiral springs, plate springs, disc springs,...

  • Sleeves - sensor holders, protection tubes, temperature sleeves,...

Sleeves for instrumentation

in various executions

Control components

Mitsubishi, Siemens S7, Siemens PCS7, Siemens WinCC

turbine protection, turbine control, generator protection, generator control

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